the future is uncertain...

Let us be your guide as you build the road ahead.

Engineering team


You understand that good ideas are nothing, without decisive action.

You value integrity and deliver on your promises.

You know that the decisions you make today have consequences for tomorrow.

You think ahead.

We work with you to create your vision for the future.

We guide you as you engage with your stakeholders and develop your strategic objectives.


Asset Management

asset management

They don’t make them like they used to. It’s a throwaway society.

But you understand the joy in caring for something of value.

You know that attention to detail produces rewards.


We work with you to realise value from your assets.

We guide you to translate your strategic objectives into actionable plans and we help you to build the systems you need to achieve them. 



You make the decisions that matter. The buck stops with you.

You want to do more than a job. You want to create something that endures.

You want more than the corner office. You want to be the cornerstone.


We work with you to achieve your ambitions. 

We guide you to better understand your strengths and to focus these toward your goals. We help you develop the confidence you need to lead.

Why Teak Yew?



Teak Yew is perfectly placed to provide you with the insight and expertise you need to succeed. 

Integrity: We deliver on our promises and have built a reputation for offering practical, intelligent business advice

Resilience: We’re here for the long haul and work hard to build long lasting relationships with our clients

Connectivity: We create an open forum for discussion that enables business stakeholders to share ideas, and opinions

Clarity: We use our years of industry knowledge and experience to provide you with clear insights and a fresh  perspective

Since 2004 Teak Yew has been helping businesses succeed and grow in the ever-changing business environment.

Founded by Dr Monique Beedles, our goal is to build strong, enduring relationships and create workable strategies and plans that truly deliver long-term business growth.